The 6 Essentials to Enrolling High-End, Dream Clients at $5k - $75k+ with Confidence and Ease
• Exclusive training for Coaches and Experts •
Hosted by Alex J Moscow
Founder, Effortless Enrollment
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"The best way to enroll dream clients is to be the most authentic, expressed version of yourself." - AJM
Effortless Enrollment Secrets
In this training you'll learn:
  •  A system for taking your knowledge, wisdom and expertise and turning it into a multi 6-figure income without spending a dime on advertising
  •   How to have a simple 60 minute conversation that will allow you to turn casual conversations into high paying, dream clients on the spot, anywhere you go
  •  How to command Premium Fees $5,000 - $75,000+ for your services, even if the thought of raising your fees to that level terrifies you and you think no one will pay
  •  How to deliver your services at those premium price points WITHOUT working with clients one-on-one, while helping your clients get even better results (they’ll thank you for it)
  •  How to attract your dream clients FAST so you can start landing high-paying clients in the next 30 days… even if you don’t have a list, following or marketing funnel
  •  AND I’ll show you how to do ALL of this without compromising your integrity, feeling inauthentic, or resorting to any “Old School Sales” tactics!
Learn the strategies that have my clients,
people just like you, earning their
dream incomes and living their dream lives
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