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Alex Moscow helps coaches, speakers, authors, and consultants to master the art of effortlessly enrolling high-end clients into their programs and events, so they can finally have the revenue, time, and impact they’ve always dreamed of.


Helping coaches, speakers and entrepreneurs to effortlessly enroll high-end, dream clients into their programs.

  • Get access to the same script I’ve used to sell hundred of high-ticket programs, scale companies into multiple 7-figures and help my clients build the business and life of their dreams
  • Authentically own your value and launch programs where the investment matches the amount of transformation you deliver
  • Learn the #1 reason why the sales and marketing tools you’ve been taught haven’t worked, won’t work and what to do instead


Run High-Impact Events / Retreats with 6-16 People and Walk Away with $6-Figures+ in 3 days

  • My Small Events Big Profits model shows you how to design, market and fill small events, intimate masterminds and retreats with anywhere from 5 – 50 people without crazy overhead, needing a huge team, or tons of stress…
  • They are super profitable, easy and FUN to put on, put you on the map as a major industry influencer and fill your one on one, masterminds and group programs while you create a tribe of loyal fans who you love working with and spread your brand message for you.
  • This is the simplest, most impactful model I’ve ever seen and I want to share it with you like I’ve shared with so many others whose lives have profoundly changed as a result.


Helping Leaders Own Their Gifts To Multiply Their Impact, Influence and Income

  • Alex Moscow’s Private High-End Client Community
  • Speed Up Time By Immersing Yourself For 12 Months In An Elite Community of Coaches and Leaders
  • By Application Only


Alex will work as a part of your team to add an additional 7-figure revenue stream to your coaching business online or offline

  • Alex J Moscow’s Premier 1-On-1 Coaching Program
  • Must have at least $500,000+ business and have goals to add an additional $7-figures in the next 12 months
  • By Application Only

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